Friday, July 18, 2008

"Hot spots"

The Capital Building

Washington Monument

Jefferson Memorial

Vietnam Memorial

Changing Of The Guards

Night sightseeing

Mother and Son moment

Jeff didn't get the "wear black shirts" memo :-)

Just the girls

A brother moment

This monument was my favorite. Very pretty at night!

Refreshment breaks

What's a vacation without treats :-)

Chandler, Jason, Hayden and Damian feeding the squirrels

Cold Stone break

Hayden being a dork

Riding the Metro

Buying tickets for the metro

Mike was not feeling to well on this particular metro ride (He's in the back right corner looking out the window thinking are we there yet!!!!)

Kids just chillin' on the way back to the hotel

Okay who are we missing? Where's Brinley? The doors closed, we were all on but Brinley wasn't!!!

Daytime sightseeing

At the Vietnam wall.


Sue, Susie, Hayden and Jason just hanging out waiting for the rest of the group

Susie and Stacie enjoying a visit

Fun day at Six Flags in Maryland

The Andersen family is tired.

The Schoonmaker family is tired.

Trevor is a.....bored?

Waiting, and waiting and waiting for our taxi's. We finally caught the bus!

Cousins Trip to Washington D.C.

There were seventeen of us in our group. We all had a great time and look forward to the next one!!!!